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So, do you know how to prepare for your tests?

Standardized tests are an important part of the going-to-college process, so you should prepare in whatever way works best for you. But first you need to know what to study!

MyMaxScore® SAT Practice Test Plus and MyMaxScore ACT Practice Test Plus help you determine your strengths and weaknesses so you only study what will actually improve your score.

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What is on the SAT?


What should I do the night before the SAT?

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I'm committed to helping college-bound students get their best SAT and ACT scores. I created my own nationally recognized test-prep method to help students improve thier test scores, plus develop lifelong critical-thinking skills, beyond the SAT and ACT.

“My scores improved so dramatically that I am now anticipating acceptance into schools that I was recluctant to even apply to.”

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In this exclusive Gruber test-prep guide, you’ll learn:

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