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So, how do you find a college that really fits you?

A lot goes into finding the right college fit: location, size, academics, social life. Before you start your search you need to know what’s most important to you!

Fiske Interactive Online helps you find the schools that meet all your college search criteria and fit you best.

How to objectively and honestly evaluate your needs, likes, and dislikes



How to figure out what criteria should play a defining role in your college search


How to keep an open mind during your college search

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When I was education editor of the New York Times, I realized that families needed honest, reliable information about colleges. That’s why I’ve published the #1 bestselling Fiske Guide to Colleges for thirty years—to help college-bound students find their best-fit schools.

“The Fiske Interactive College Guide 2012 is a worthwhile buy for youngsters contemplating college and their parents. It provides as complete a picture of available universities that’s available, so you’ll be making the best decision for you in the long run.”

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In this exclusive survey from the Fiske Guide to Colleges, you’ll learn:

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