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Personalize and Save School Information!

Features all of the great content from Fiske Guide to Colleges, plus the ability to personalize school lists and save notes, right in the application.

With Fiske Interactive Online:

Resources for College-Bound Students,
Their Parents and Counselors

The #1 College Guide is now available as an interactive online resource.

Create Personalized Lists

Create lists of favorite schools, schools to visit and add notes about each school directly in the application.

Connect with Colleges

Email admissions departments directly and connect to college websites directly from the application

Find Overlap Schools

Find similar schools with helpful cross-category listings

Virtually Visit Each Campus

No one does a better job than Edward Fiske of giving you a sense of the campus environment. His descriptions give a true sense of a school's character.

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For years, educators, students and parents have recognized the Fiske Guide to Colleges as being a standout because of the descrptions and detailed information provided about each school. Edward B. Fiske gives you a sense of what it’s like at over 300 of the best and most interesting schools in the United States and Canada. Fiske provides information about campus life, student lifestyles, academic styles and overall “feel” of the school. This is the perfect place start your “campus visits.”

• Find all of the important college information you need in one place.

• Organize your college search with personalized college lists and notes.

• Picture yourself on college campuses using campus photographs and maps of the areas.

• Read detailed college descriptions written by the author of the #1 bestselling college guide, Edward Fiske.

This is the perfect guide for college-bound students and families.